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E-commerce Feed Management

Empowering OmniChannel Business with AI feed management, optimization, and enhancement to ensure your products appear in every channel for every consumer

Automate Your Feed Management to:

Streamline Any Product Feed Across 2000+ Channels

Stay ahead with Feed Optimization AI ™ & Compliance AI ™

Enhance Advertising Channels to Boost Business Growth

Shopping feed management software

Technology Trusted By Thousands of Brands

100+ Ecom Platforms

Active in over 40 countries

Across 31 Industries

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Supporting Your Ecommerce Growth at Every Step

OmniOne feed management software pricing plans

Platform Manager

Over 100+ Platforms

OmniOne's "Platform Manager" provides a seamless experience in data management, ensuring stable connections and rapid data processing for swift updates. It's the perfect tool for efficient, real-time data synchronization with your e-commerce platform, empowering you to stay agile and responsive in the fast-paced digital marketplace.

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Catalog Manager

Catalog Manager empowers you with complete control to adjust and refine your product data, ensuring that your brand is presented consistently and effectively on each channel. 

Any Attribute

OmniOne AI grants you the autonomy to fine-tune any attribute in your product feed, giving you the freedom to override both the original data and AI-driven optimizations according to your strategic needs. This level of control ensures that your feed reflects the most accurate and brand-aligned information across all marketing channels.

Custom Labels

Utilizing Custom Labels in your feed is a powerful strategy to boost performance and drive sales. These labels allow for more granular control over your bidding strategies in ad campaigns, enabling segmentation based on factors like seasonality, profit margins, or stock levels.


Properly categorizing your products in your feed is vital for enhancing visibility. It allows for precise targeting and improved placement within Shopping Channels, showcasing your products to interested consumers, thereby increasing the likelihood of clicks and conversions. 

Product data feed management software

Combat E-commerce Feed Issues to Safeguard Sales

OmniAlerts 'Feed Warnings' proactively detects product feed issues, safeguarding sales and enabling instant compliance optimizations

Once connected to OmniOne, 'Feeds Down' will swiftly cleanse and analyze your data, alerting you instantly of CRITICAL feed issues rendering products unsellable

Feed Optimization AI

Our goal with leveraging feed optimization AI is to enhance user engagement, satisfaction, and overall experience by delivering the most relevant and appealing content to each individual user.

Our Clients Say

Andrew, E-Commerce Manager

"Omni has completely transformed the way we manage our product data. It's easy to use, always up-to-date, and has made our workflows so much more efficient. We're able to make better decisions and grow our business thanks to Omni."

Channel Syndication

Effortlessly generate unique, per-channel feeds from your optimized product catalog, and dispatch these tailored data feeds to over 2,000 online channels to power up all your campaigns. This seamless integration ensures that your product visibility is maximized across the digital landscape, driving your campaign performance to new heights.

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Compliance AI ™
OmniAlerts ™

Our Compliance AI guards your automated feeds, preempting errors, and ensuring your listings comply with the latest regulations. Should any discrepancies arise, Omni Alerts promptly notifies both you and our specialized internal team. This dual-alert system triggers an immediate response from our Feed Management Response Team, who expertly tackle the issues, from minor alerts to major suspensions, restoring your feed to its optimal standing with efficiency and precision.


OmniOne Connect


  • Platform Connector

  • Catalog Manager

  • Channel Connector

  • Live Chat Support

  • Up to 5,000 skus

OmniOne Pro


  • OmniOne Connect 

  • Feeds Account Manager

  • Data Cleansing AI

  • Feed Optimization AI

  • Up to 100,000 skus

With over a decade in business, we've processed, optimized, and exported billions of products!

OmniOne Grow

OmniOne Enterprise


  • OmniOne Connect & OmniOne Pro

  • Growth Account Manager

  • Social Channels: Organic & Paid

  • Search Channels: Shopping & Text

  • Video: Advertising Campaigns


  • Omnione Connect, Pro & Grow

  • Enterprise Account Leader 

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Local Advertising

  • Email Marketing

Fast and Knowledgeable Customer Support

Get instant help from US based product feed experts

  • Availability via live chat, email, and phone

  • Free onboarding session and feed set-up assistance*

  • Expert knowledge in fixing any feed and advertising issues

* with annual plans

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