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Set up on four channels in less than 10 minutes!


Starting at $49.00


  • Platform Connector

  • Catalog Manager

  • Channel Connector

  • Live Chat Support

  • Up to 5,000 skus

The Problem

Navigating online marketing is a maze, riddled with technicalities and changing regulations.

Choosing the Right Channels

Determining which will truly drive sales and performance.

Technical Hurdles

Understanding the requirements for listing products isn't straightforward.

Changing Regulations

Each channel's compliance rules frequently evolve, demanding vigilance.

Time & Expertise

Both are essential to navigate the intricate landscape of online marketing.

Improved Efficiency

Data Accuracy

24/7 Support

Advanced Tech

Why OmniOne Connect

OmniOne Connect provides a holistic solution to effortlessly broaden your sales channels. With the OmniOne Platform Managers, integration with nearly any ecommerce platform becomes a breeze, giving instant access to your entire product range. The Channel Manager demystifies the process of choosing and tailoring channels, connecting you to a wide spectrum of shopping, social, and affiliate avenues, complemented by custom feed capabilities for adaptive marketing. The Catalog Manager grants precise product advertising control, with the flexibility to curate and even limit items for specific channels. And should you encounter any hitches or just need guidance, OmniOne Support—available via an intuitive ticket system and live chat—is on standby. It's our mission to simplify your expansion, refine marketing strategies, and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Ready to start?

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Our Features

Functionality You Will Love


Platform Connector

The initial phase of setting up your product feed involves establishing a connection with your e-commerce platform to access your product data. We utilize our exclusive OmniOne Platform connector, a proprietary solution designed for the continuous extraction of your product data from your website.


Channel Manager

The OmniOne Channel Manager simplifies the process of selecting and customizing the channels on which you want to showcase your products by offering a diverse array of shopping, social, and affiliate channels, along with the added benefit of access to tailor-made custom feeds for enhanced marketing flexibility.


Catalog Manager

OmniOne Catalog Manager empowers you to meticulously select the products you wish to promote, enhance your product data, and exercise the option to restrict certain products from specific advertising channels, providing you with unparalleled control over your marketing campaigns and ensuring optimal product visibility.


Expert Support 

OmniOne Support is readily accessible through our user-friendly ticketing system and convenient Livechat online platform, providing you with dedicated expert assistance to address your current challenges and proactively guide you in preventing potential future issues, all with the same level of accessibility and support.

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