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OmniOne PRO

Reinforced Learning AI




  • OmniOne Connect 

  • Feeds Account Manager

  • Data Cleansing AI

  • Feed Optimization AI

  • Up to 100,000 skus

The Problem

In the bustling world of e-commerce, effective multi-channel advertising is essential but riddled with challenges.

Diverse Channels, Diverse Rules

Each advertising platform, be it Direct Shopping, Social Media, or Affiliates, has unique requirements.

Ever-changing Compliance

Stay updated or risk making your products ineligible for advertising.

Lost Opportunities 

Non-compliance isn't just about rules; it translates to tangible revenue losses.

Protect Your Revenue

Ensuring adherence safeguards your products' advertising eligibility and your bottom line.

Increased Up-Time

Data Quality

24/7 Support

Indv. Channel AI

Why OmniOne Pro

OmniOne Pro stands as a beacon of innovation and precision in the digital realm. Our Feed Account Manager offers tailored guidance, ensuring every user can seamlessly harness the platform's full potential. The Data Cleansing AI is a game-changer, optimizing product data with a focus on quality and compliance, positioning your offerings advantageously. With the Feed Optimization AI, your feeds are precisely curated for each channel, amplifying your competitiveness and driving impactful sales results. Not to be overlooked, our OmniOne Support provides unwavering proactive assistance, ensuring every interaction is both productive and insightful. Choose OmniOne Pro, where every feature is crafted to propel businesses forward, transforming potential obstacles into milestones of success.

Ready to start?

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Our Features

Functionality You Will Love


Feed Account Manager

From the very start, you'll collaborate directly with our Feed Account Management team. We'll guide you meticulously through the entire setup process, ensuring a smooth transition. Moreover, as we move forward, we'll serve as your primary contact for optimizations, reporting, and addressing any errors, and more!


Data Cleansing & Compliance AI

Avoid the pitfalls of the Compliance Trap! Not all product data is good product data. Many grapple with baffling suspensions and warnings, and, admittedly, most channels don't simplify the resolution process. Our Data Cleansing AI evaluates your product data right upon import through our integrated platform connector, proactively eliminating issues.


Feed Optimization AI

Our Feed Optimization AI is designed to harness the distinct format, fields, and compliance requirements of each channel. By comprehending the intricacies of proper setup, our AI tailors feeds for each channel, enhancing your competitiveness and boosting sales performance. Moreover, clients frequently observe a notable rise in ad placement and a substantial reduction in cost-per-click.


Support that cares

OmniOne Support emphasizes proactive solutions, always aiming to identify and swiftly address issues before they become apparent to you. Reach out to us via Phone, Email, our streamlined ticketing system, or Livechat. With both your Feed Account Manager and our dedicated specialists on hand, we're here to assist, guide, and ensure your concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

About Reinforced Learning AI

Our journey began by harnessing over a decade's worth of feed data, compliance data, and performance optimization from over a billion products through Transfer Learning. Today, our AI has evolved and is fine-tuned using Reinforcement Learning. Reinforcement Learning operates on a feedback loop, where the AI model interacts with its environment (each channel) and gains feedback from our specialists. Much like training a pet, the AI receives a "reward" for correct actions and a "penalty" for mistakes, ensuring it continuously refines its behavior while protecting your account from the threat of runaway AI.

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