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Catalog Manager

Empowering your Brand

About Catalog Manager

Catalog Manager empowers you with complete control to adjust and refine your product data, ensuring that your brand is presented consistently and effectively on each channel. This tool enables precise modifications and optimizations, reflecting the unique aspects of your brand and improving visibility where it matters most.

Full Customizations, Without limitations!

Any Attribute

OmniOne AI grants you the autonomy to fine-tune any attribute in your product feed, giving you the freedom to override both the original data and AI-driven optimizations according to your strategic needs. This level of control ensures that your feed reflects the most accurate and brand-aligned information across all marketing channels.


Properly categorizing your products in your feed is vital for enhancing visibility. It allows for precise targeting and improved placement within Shopping Channels, showcasing your products to interested consumers, thereby increasing the likelihood of clicks and conversions. 

Exclusion Rules

With OmniOne AI, managing product-channel fit becomes effortless. Recognizing that not every product suits every channel and each has its unique compliance demands, our tool simplifies the exclusion process. It allows you to easily remove specific products from one or all channels simultaneously, ensuring adherence to each platform's distinct rules and regulations.

Custom Labels

Utilizing Custom Labels in your feed is a powerful strategy to boost performance and drive sales. These labels allow for more granular control over your bidding strategies in ad campaigns, enabling segmentation based on factors like seasonality, profit margins, or stock levels.

Book a Custom E-commerce Consultation Call Today!

Embark on a custom consultation call with OmniOne to explore your business's unique journey in e-commerce. We'll analyze your past performance in product feeds and ads, identify challenges, and set strategic goals. Our aim is to fortify any weaknesses in your e-commerce strategy, providing a robust foundation to significantly elevate your success.

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