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TikTok Feed

Getting Started

  1. Log Into TikTok Ads Manager:

    • Visit the TikTok Ads Manager and sign in with your business account credentials.

  2. Access the Assets Section:

    • Once logged in, navigate to the 'Assets' tab, which you can typically find in the top bar of your dashboard.

  3. Go to Catalog Manager:

    • Within the 'Assets' section, click on 'Catalogs'. If you haven’t created a catalog before, you'll need to create one by clicking on the 'Create' button.

  4. Create a New Catalog (if necessary):

    • Choose the appropriate category for your catalog (e.g., E-commerce, Travel, etc.).

    • Enter the relevant details for your catalog.

    • Click 'Create' once you have filled out all the necessary information.

  5. Add a New Product Feed:

    • Select your newly created catalog or an existing one you want to add the feed to.

    • Look for the 'Product Feeds' section or tab.

    • Click on 'Add Feed' or 'Create Feed' to start the process of adding a new feed.

  6. Feed File URL Submission:

    • Choose 'Data Feed File' as your feed type if prompted to select between file upload and file URL.

    • Enter the URL supplied in OmniOne AI. This URL must be publicly accessible for TikTok to retrieve your file.

    • Provide a name for your feed that helps you identify it later.

  7. Set a Fetch Schedule:

    • Decide how frequently you want TikTok to fetch updates from your feed file URL (e.g., daily, weekly).

    • Set the preferred time for the fetch to occur.

  8. Map Your Feed:

    • You might need to map the fields in your feed file to the corresponding fields used by TikTok. Ensure that your feed includes all required attributes and that they match TikTok’s specifications.

  9. Review and Confirm:

    • Go through your feed settings to make sure all details are correct.

    • Click on the 'Confirm' button to submit your feed.

  10. Feed Validation:

    • After submitting, TikTok will usually validate your feed to ensure it meets their specifications.

    • Check for any errors or issues in the validation report and address them as necessary.

  11. Feed Activation:

    • Once your feed passes validation and is processed, it will become active, and your products will be ready to be displayed in your TikTok ads and shopping experiences.

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