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Snapchat Feed Setup

Getting Started

  1. Log Into Snapchat Ads Manager:

    • Access your Snapchat Ads Manager account by logging in with your business credentials.

  2. Access the Catalog Feature:

    • Once you're in the Ads Manager, locate and click on the 'Catalogs' tab on the navigation bar. If you haven't created a catalog before, you might be prompted to set one up.

  3. Create or Select a Catalog:

    • To add a new catalog, click on the 'New Catalog' button and follow the prompts to create one. If you have an existing catalog, select it from the list.

  4. Add a New Data Source:

    • Within your selected catalog, find and click on the 'New Data Source' button to add a new product feed.

  5. Select Data Source Type:

    • Choose 'Data Feed' as the type of data source when prompted. This indicates that you will be using a feed URL.

  6. Provide Your Feed File URL:

    • Enter the feed URL provided in Omnione AI. The feed must be in a .CSV, .TSV, or .XML format and be hosted on a server accessible via HTTP or HTTPS.

  7. Configure Your Feed Details:

    • Assign a name to your feed for easy identification within the platform.

    • Set the fetch frequency (how often Snapchat retrieves your feed) according to your update requirements – this can be daily, weekly, etc.

  8. Map Your Feed Attributes:

    • Match your feed's attributes (e.g., id, title, description) to Snapchat's required fields. Make sure all mandatory attributes are present for a successful upload.

  9. Initiate Feed Validation and Processing:

    • After providing all the necessary information, submit your feed for validation.

    • Snapchat will process and validate your feed to ensure compatibility with their platform requirements.

  10. Resolve Any Issues:

    • If there are errors in the feed, the system will notify you. Correct any issues in the feed file and resubmit it.

  11. Review and Activation:

    • Once your feed has been successfully validated and processed with no errors, it will be activated.

    • Your products are now ready to be used in your Snapchat ads and shopping experiences.

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