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ShareASale Feed Setup

Getting Started

  1. Log Into Your ShareASale Merchant Account:

    • Navigate to the ShareASale website and sign in using your merchant account credentials.

  2. Access the Product Datafeed Section:

    • In your merchant account dashboard, look for the 'Tools' or 'Datafeed' section. This section is where you can manage your product feeds.

  3. Upload Your Data Feed File:

    • Within the Datafeed section of your account, you should find option to provide a URL to the file.

    • To submit a feed file URL, enter the URL provided in OmniOne AI. 

  4. Schedule Automatic Updates (if applicable):

    • You may have the option to set how frequently ShareASale retrieves your feed. Choose the appropriate update frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) that matches how often your product information changes.

  5. Submit and Verify Your Feed:

    • After you've added your feed URL, submit it for processing.

    • ShareASale will verify the feed to ensure that it is properly formatted and that all links are functioning. This may not be instantaneous and could take some time depending on the size of the feed.

  6. Review Feed Status and Fix Errors:

    • Once your feed is submitted, monitor its status. If there are any errors or issues with your feed, ShareASale will generally provide feedback on what needs to be fixed.

  7. Feed Activation:

    • After successful verification and processing, your feed will be active, and your products will be available to ShareASale affiliates.

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