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Getting Started

Policy Requirements

To comply with Google Policy, Google requires your website to display the policy pages listed below. Even if you have a previously approved account, Google may review your account for compliance from time to time. Please take the time to ensure all website policy pages are up to date, meet Google’s current requirements and this will minimize risk of triggering suspension warnings or suspension.

It is recommended to add the below pages to your footer as individual pages. Each page should be easily accessible and easy for a user to locate. The pages below should not be nestled inside of other pages. Policy pages required are as follows:

Please note: once added, the pages below should remain on your website. Removal or omission of any of the pages below, at any time, will lead to immediate account suspension by Google.

  • Billing Terms & Conditions: Your site must provide clear and easily discoverable billing terms and conditions.

  • Privacy Policy: Your site must provide clear and easily discoverable privacy terms.

  • Return Policy: Your site must provide a clear and easily discoverable return policy to users.

  • Shipping Policy: Your site must provide clear and easily discoverable shipping terms.

  • Contact Page : Minimum of 1 contact method required on website. Can be located in footer, a dedicated contact us page, or a link to business profile on social media

Verify Business Phone
Google recently made a change to their Merchant Center compliance policy and now require you add and verify your business phone number. Failure to comply can potentially trigger an account suspension, therefore, we recommend verifying your phone number to avoid disruption To verify your number, please log into your Google Merchant Center account and follow the outlined steps below. Please take the opportunity to ensure your business address is current and accurate while visiting this page.

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