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Microsoft Advertising

Follow these straightforward steps to grant us the access to your Microsoft Advertising account:

Don't have a Microsoft Account?

If you do not have a Bing account, we can create one for you. If you’d like to create one on your own, please use this link: Create an Account

Instructions to Create a New Microsoft Account

**Please note we can create a new account for you. Once completed, you will receive access and that account is yours to keep.


  • Please use this link to guide you on creating a Microsoft Account,

  • Once you get to the point where they request you to create a campaign, please follow the image guides to bypass that request.

  • Please fill out the details and click save/submit

  • This will allow you to get past their campaign creation. Once you are in your new account please follow the instructions to add us as a user.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Microsoft Advertising sign-in page.

Step 1:

Enter your email address in the box, and then select Next.

Step 2:


You will be prompted to enter your password in a new page.

Step 3:


Step 4:

Once you are logged in, from the top right, select Tools and from the global menu choose


Step 5:

Click User Management from the main menu.

Step 6:

Click Invite user from the User Management page.


Step 7:

Enter information about the new user

  1. First Name: Sales

  2. Last name: Orders

  3. Email – please enter the email address we provided in our welcome email.

  4. Language – Choose Target Country

  5. Account Role – Choose Standard


Step 8:

Click Send.

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