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Leaders in Feed Management and Ad Campaigns

Here’s the results our clients have achieved after the OmniOne team managed their Google ads and data feeds for 6-12 months...


These screenshots are directly from our app, displaying the store’s data from the previous 30 days at the time of the screenshot:

“What do you do?”


We’re a data feed tool and full service marketing agency; a competitor to DataFeedWatch and Feedonomics, as well as a Google Ads PPC agency. 


The OmniOne team solves these common problems for people with ecommerce websites:

  • Product disapprovals

  • Compliance & data feed format issues on Google

  • Missing product data

  • Low ROAS

  • Plateauing sales growth

  • Expensive PPC

  • Expensive cost per conversion

  • Inefficient use of ad spend

  • Account suspensions

  • Low conversion rate

  • Low or declining sales


We typically solve these problems by auditing your Google ads account and Google merchant center account and making sure that you’re on a strong foundation to begin advertising.


Then we implement a customized advertising framework and manage your advertising budget to optimize ad campaigns for revenue growth and ROAS for a period of 6-12 months.


You’ll work 1 on 1 with a dedicated, senior account manager who is experienced in scaling Google ads and is responsive to your needs.

The BENEFITS of working with us:

  1. You get a professional set up and integration of your store to the feed tool. We can disseminate your products from our app to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. 

  2. Establishment of 100% policy compliance on advertising channels after a full website & Google Ads account audit

  3. We will prevent your products from getting demoted and disapproved by:

    • Fixing missing product data (gtin, gender, color, size, etc)

    • Optimizing and completing product data structure

    • Addressing the source of product disapprovals to fix it and get products approved

    • Daily feed syncs with your website to stay updated on latest product data

  4. You’ll get a better ad performance when my team

    • Optimizes your products for search, achieving more targeted traffic to your website

    • Augments your product titles with AI trained on keyword search volume

  5. We will prevent advertising account suspensions by

    • Monitoring for account warnings and fixing issues that arise

  6. We will help to overturn existing suspensions (if you have one) by

    • Identifying policy violations or other causes of the suspension and then fix the source issues that caused the warnings originally, then request for review

  7. You get 24/7 Support for questions/ concerns about your feeds and ads



sales $131k roas 16_edited.jpg

We drove a 16x return on every dollar his hardware supplier spent on our ads Superstructure after working together for 6 months...

We took this small-town motorcycle parts seller from $10k/ month to $90k/ month in sales on a $2000/ month adspend budget in 90 days!

And this high-end jeweler from $25k to $73k in sales in 5 months!

Using the $50 million Advertising Superstructure™️, this athletic apparel brand got established in 7 international channels and nearly 10x’d every dollar they spent on ads...

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 11.02.02 AM.png

...and we took this sporting goods company from ~$500k sales to $1.6M in sales in 6 months!

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 11.03.36 AM.png

All screenshots straight from accounts we manage…

Want results like that?


If you’re interested in improving your ROAS, increasing revenue, and working with Google ads experts, we typically start by meeting you on a zoom call where we can get to know your business history and product catalog.  


Schedule a zoom call with the button above or you can also click here

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