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Our Average Client Is Getting A
18.25 ROAS On Google Ads.

Sell more products, make more money with Google Ads professionals.

If you are interested in growing your business, making more money, having more impact... This may be the most important thing you ever read. Here’s why...


Many store owners and marketing teams don’t know how to effectively use Google Ads because the platform is aggressively technical, confusing, and complicated.

But using this platform can make your business a FORTUNE (if done properly - that’s where we come in).

Imagine what it would be like to FILL your business with sales and orders over the next 6 months… 

Not just a little bump year over year, but actually reach a national market and turn a huge profit...

So… Are you SICK of seeing your sales plateau? Or worse… decline?

Are you DONE with overpaying for unverified “specialists” to not know what they’re doing and not see more orders come in?

Then quit wasting time and money while stressing and guessing how to make more sales.

Put our field-tested, proven, $50 million Advertising Superstructure™️ to use!

We’ve successfully blown away competition and flooded in new business for thousands of clients for over a decade using Google (and Facebook) ads. Servicing a range of industries and verticals such as:

  • ​Automotive Parts

  • ​Fitness apparel brands

  • ​Wholesale hardware

  • ​Health & beauty

  • ​Niche stores

  • ​Boutiques

  • ​Apparel and accessories

  • ​Furniture brands... and the list goes on!

  • We can service almost any ecommerce store.

So many sales will come in, your business will be booming like never before!

Who’s This For?

Online stores who are:

  • Ready to advertise or actively advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and/ or Microsoft

  • Not sure if their Google accounts and campaigns were set up properly

  • Wanting to scale to a higher ROAS

  • Ready to spend over $10k on advertising over the next 3-6 months

If that’s you…


We’ll typically jump on a zoom call and audit your Google ads account for opportunities for sales growth with you right there on the call and discuss the details of collaborating.

👉 Click here to book an intro call with our Google Ads specialist 👈

The BENEFITS of working with us:

1. Peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals set up and integrated your website to Google and other advertising channels

2. Confidence that your store is 100% compliant with each and every advertising channel’s policies

3. Better ROAS when my team:

  • Audits your ads quality scores, targeting tactics, campaign structure, and performance history

  • Analyzes existing campaign data and implements our $50M Advertising Superstructure™️

  • Optimizes your products for search, achieving more targeted traffic to your website

4. Security in knowing that my team will prevent your products from getting disapproved or a demoted rank and we will prevent your advertising account from getting suspended.

5. You get 24/7 Support for questions/ concerns about your partnership with us

6. Clear and open lines of communication

7. Proactive account managers

8. Impactful and tangible results


This hardware supplier had a limited budget, but we still drove a 16x return on every dollar they spent on our ads Superstructure...



On the other side of the budget spectrum, we got this automotive parts store to $2.5 million in sales just in the last 30 days (at the time of the screenshot)…

We took this small-town motorcycle parts seller from $10k/ month to $90k/ month in sales on a $2000 adspend budget in 90 days!

And this high-end jeweler from $25k to $73k in sales in 5 months!

Using the $50 million Advertising Superstructure™️, this athletic apparel brand got established in 7 international channels and nearly 10x’d every dollar they spent on ads...

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 11.02.02 AM.png

...and we took this sporting goods company from ~$500k to $1.6M in sales in 6 months!

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 11.03.36 AM.png

All screenshots straight from accounts we manage…

Want results like that?


👉 Click here to speak with our team👈


Many ad agencies are inexperienced and make wasteful mistakes…

OmniOne offers over a decade of expertise in ads management and data feed optimization with practiced systems to mitigate costly mistakes. Along with a results-driven growth strategy individually tailored to YOUR scenario.

Ultimately ‘leads and exposure’ doesn’t pay the bills… Sales do. So below is how we provide what’s truly important – more sales and orders.

Here’s our process:

1. Data gathering & analysis

a. First we analyze and examine what makes your business tick, so we can identify and execute critical action steps for a new campaign structure implementation.
     i. We’ll get clarity on targeting, demographics, ad quality scores, and performance history.

b. Then we spy on your competitors to gain a complete understanding of your market’s landscape, and how we can position you as the preferred solution right when the customer is ready to buy.

2. Preparation Checklist

a. My dedicated onboarding team will establish platform connections and align your store in the appropriate positions on the sales and ad channels where YOUR target market spends attention, time, and money.

b. We will do a traffic analysis to determine projections, areas of growth, and to ensure that your ads are finding the highest-intent customers.

c. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact— your account manager will explain the advertising goals and strategy that will generate 2x, 3x, and 10x+ sales for YOU.


a. 18X ROAS and higher does not happen overnight — the methods and strategies, firstly, require time to run. While it’s running, it will also need intelligent intervention from our experts AND YOU contributing your professional experience running YOUR business.

b. Your dedicated account manager will use historic performance data mapped onto your campaign structure to ensure alignment in the strategy and that your most successful products get priority focus, leading to compounding returns.

4. 90-Day Review & Roadmap

a. Making huge piles of cash using the $50 million Advertising Superstructure™️ is fantastic but sustainability is key.

b. After 30, 60, and 90 days we’ll review your trajectory with your dedicated account manager and lay the ground work for maintaining success in a dynamic environment so that you can build your success story brick by brick.

Every store is unique, so we typically start with a discovery call to establish your baseline and to begin to compose a strategy that will drive impact for you in the next 60 days.

👉 Click here to Book A Free Discovery Call 👈

Check out more of the results my agency has produced for our clients to take sales numbers to the moon, like this handful of accounts from 2021 through 2024 🚀:

YOU deserve results like these too. 


Why wait?

Schedule a time to speak with our team.👈 

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