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Criteo Feed Setup

Getting Started

  1. Log into Your Criteo Account:

    • Navigate to the Criteo Management Center and log in with your advertiser credentials.

  2. Access the Management Center:

    • Once logged in, go to the Management Center dashboard where you can manage your campaigns and product feeds.

  3. Navigate to the Product Catalog:

    • Find the 'Product Catalog' tab in the dashboard. This is where you'll manage your product feeds.

  4. Add a New Product Catalog :

    • If you haven't already created a product catalog, you'll need to do so by clicking on a button that may say "Add Product Catalog" or "New Product Catalog".

  5. Product Catalog Setup:

    • Enter the relevant details for your catalog, such as the catalog name, the site to which it belongs, and any other required information.

  6. Provide the Feed URL:

    • Input the URL provided in OmniOne AI

  7. Set Authentication Details (if applicable):

    • If your feed requires authentication to access, provide the username and password.

  8. Specify Feed Refresh Rate:

    • Indicate how often Criteo should refresh your feed to update the product information. It can typically be set to daily to ensure the most current data is used in your campaigns.

  9. Feed Mapping:

    • Map your product feed attributes (such as ID, name, price, product URL, image URL, etc.) to the corresponding fields in Criteo’s format. This step is crucial as it ensures Criteo correctly interprets your product data.

  10. Validate and Submit Your Feed:

    • Before final submission, use Criteo's validation tool to check for common errors in the feed. Rectify any issues that the tool identifies.

    • Submit your product catalog for review.

  11. Review by Criteo:

    • After submission, Criteo will review your feed to ensure it meets their requirements. This process may take some time, depending on the size of your product feed and the current queue.

  12. Feed Approval and Campaign Integration:

    • Once your feed is approved, it will be integrated into your Criteo campaigns.

    • You can now create dynamic retargeting campaigns that use the product data from your feed.

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