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Awin Feed Setup

Getting Started

  1. Log Into Your Awin Account:

    • Visit the Awin website and log in with your merchant credentials.

  2. Access the 'My Offers' Section:

    • In the dashboard, navigate to the 'Links & Tools' tab, then select 'My Offers' from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select 'Product Feeds':

    • Within the 'My Offers' area, find and click on the 'Product Feeds' section.

  4. Create a New Product Feed:

    • Click on the 'Add New Feed' button to start the process of adding your product data feed.

  5. Provide Feed Details:

    • Enter the details of your feed, such as the feed name, description, and the currency that your products are sold in.

  6. Enter Feed File URL:

    • Submit the URL provided in OmniOne AI

  7. Set Up Authentication (if required):

    • If your feed is protected by a username and password, provide these details so that Awin can access the feed.

  8. Configure Advanced Settings (optional):

    • Depending on your needs, you may set up advanced settings like feed language, product categories, and other relevant details.

  9. Map Your Feed Attributes:

    • Match your feed attributes to Awin's feed specifications. Awin usually requires a specific set of mandatory fields, such as product ID, name, description, price, deeplink, image URL, etc.

  10. Submit and Validate Your Feed:

    • Once all the information is provided, submit your feed.

    • Awin will typically conduct a validation process to check if your feed adheres to their required standards and formats.

  11. Review the Validation Report:

    • After submission, review the validation report for any errors or warnings. Rectify any issues in your product data feed as indicated.

  12. Feed Approval:

    • Upon successful validation and rectification of any issues, your feed will be approved by Awin.

    • Your products will then be available to Awin affiliates.

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